Why Red Doors are a Cliche in Feng Shui

You may have heard the cliche in Feng Shui concerning red front doors:  that if your front door is red, it’s good Feng Shui or to have good Feng Shui, your front door must be red.  The answer to this is NO, this is not true! You absolutely do not need a red front door for good chi. In fact, you don’t have to have a single drop of red on your entire property!

However, I like to say that cliches are cliches for a reason.  Sometimes, a home just calls for that red front door, and if it does, I am sure to suggest it, knowing full well that the client may or may not resonate with it!  After all, the red front door can be a major cure.

In the case of Lanier Isom, author of Grace and Grit, the red front door was the perfect answer.  Her home is set back on the property and the driveway curves in a certain way so that chi was escaping before it could reach the entrance to her home.   Symbolically, this could represent missed opportunities for the inhabitants, as well as health issues and the like.  Besides, Lanier was tired of the “shutter” door (like a screen door) that covered the glass pane door, so she decided to get rid of it, and update the remaining door with a fresh coat of paint.

How delighted I was when she agreed on the red!  Why?  Because I know how powerful a charge a red front door can give a space.  It’s like shouting out to the Universe, “Helloooo, I’m here, and I’m ready for ALL THE GOOD you have to send my way!  Woohooooo!!!  See me, I’m here!  Bring it on!”   A red front door has the potential to change EVERYTHING for the better.  And it works fast.

Sure enough, Lanier had some unexpected career opportunities appear out of nowhere soon after painting the door.  🙂  Whether it’s the work she’s done over the past year with decluttering and Feng Shui, or just the door itself, we will never know, nor does it matter.

The point is, the “face lift” she’s given to her home is serving her and her family in ways unseen and invisible.  Plus, it’s just pretty, don’t you think?

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