Predictions for Year of the Rabbit

Welcome, Rabbit! 🐇

Every year, I do a meditation for the upcoming year to share with you all.  This is the Year of the Rabbit.  Please know that these “predictions” are a result of me quieting myself and listening.  I don’t really believe in too many “predictions,” because it’s your energy (your thoughts, beliefs, and actions) that creates your life!  However, I do enjoy the tidbits of wisdom that show up every year, and I do believe that there are certain mass consciousness energies in motion that can be helpful to know about.   


Bunnies live in burrows, which symbolizes going within.  It’ll be a year of nurturing one’s self, taking care of one’s self, and listening to one’s self – IF the Self has the tools to do so.  In a world that prizes “fierceness” and “confidence” and the notion of “challenging one’s self,” the softness of tuning into oneself and the natural rhythms of the Earth may be looked upon as weak and even vanity, only because they have not been prioritized in modern society.

But the Bunny knows better.  Tuning in and even retreating has amazing benefits.  It prepares the Bunny.  Look at a rabbit’s ears – they are almost ridiculous – yet they are like large antennae, again representing the idea of “tuning in.” Rabbits have developed an awareness, and that awareness is the ultimate “protection.”  It’s laughable to say a Rabbit is defenseless. That is a misunderstanding.  A Rabbit’s “defense” is their keen sense of their surroundings, which is the best so-called defense because it avoids the “fight.” And because Rabbit is so good at populating and procreating, the species known as Rabbit also understands the circle of life, again a reminder that there is a natural rhythm to heed to.

This year could be remarkably productive for those who choose to flow with the energies of the Water Rabbit.  A word that comes to mind is Development.  Rather than pushing, let it all “develop,” whether that be a project, a relationship, or even a dream.  ENJOY the process.  Take times of silence.  Practice listening. Doing so will help you decipher the noise from the guidance.  “Tuning in” is a skill – and a priceless one at that. The rhythm of the seasons will carry you – and your projects – and relationships.  Expect a flurry of creativity in the spring, but this will be better achieved or handled if one has developed a practice of tuning in.

Key words/phrases for Year of the Rabbit:

Tuning In





“Predictions” by category

Career:  Slow and steady development.  Enjoyment of the process.  There will be spurts of energy so take advantage of that but if it seems slow don’t get discouraged.  Things are happening energetically behind the scenes.  Keep your eye on the prize, and pay attention.

Creativity: Those in creative fields will flourish…if they surrender more, rather than push.

Money:  Be mindful of your spending, but don’t hold on too tight. Wise investments will pay handsomely, but only if they are wise!  Saving should be a priority this year as well.

Family:  Joyful times with family will occur this year.  Keep it light and easy.  Enjoy the children around you; allow play.

Love: Stay open and fresh. Sensuality is a must for fulfillment in romance, so find way to bring that out.  Staying in touch with one’s self will help the relationship blossom and thrive.  Find the balance between selfishness and selflessness to reclaim your spark.

Business:  Use caution in business deals; watch out for the clever fox or the keen hawk.  Pay attention to your inner guidance.  Rather than be amused by cunning, beware of it.

Living: Living arrangements may change, whether moving locations or moving large pieces of furniture in and out.  It’s a good year to pay attention to your living space and make adjustments.

***Besides that, have a restful and fun couple of weeks, basking in the new year, The Year of the Yin Water Rabbit. I will be hosting a LIVE Zoom on Friday, Feb 3rd, and you’re invited.  We will discuss the “predictions” and I will offer some Feng Shui cures for the year.  Feel free to forward this email to anyone who you think could benefit from these teachings, as I invite them to get on my email list for upcoming events and such.

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