“Call In” Your Helpful People with Feng Shui


Burning Man, Nevada. Photographer unknown.

None of us operate in a vacuum. The farmers grow our food. The grocery store folks sell it. We buy it. Someone designs and creates our cars. Someone sells us those cars. We learn through books, and someone writes those books. We offer services, and someone buys those services.

We make up a beautiful network of PEOPLE.

There is a section in the Feng Shui bagua called the Helpful People gua. Other titles for this gua are Travel and Spirit Guides. It’s sort of the “community” gua, and it represents our connection to that which is larger to us, whether it be locally, globally, or beyond.

I have a favorite cure for this section that is crazy-easy but powerful. So whether you are looking for a nanny, a lawyer, a publisher, an agent, a matchmaker, or someone to mow your lawn, this is the cure for you!

Simply write down a description of the Helpful People you’d like to manifest in your life.

It’s best done on red paper and in permanent ink. First light a candle with the intention of allowing the Helpful Person into your life. Get into a feeling place of “it is already done.” If you have a metal container, especially a round one, then place these Helpful People requests in there, happy that these people are coming. Then place the container in the Helpful People section of your home (usually the front right area of your living or work space as you enter).

I encourage you to be general and specific simultaneously. For example, if you are looking for an agent to get a book published, you may write, “My agent is brilliant, kind, and well-connected and superb at her job. He or she believes whole-heartedly in my work and gives perfect advice and insight. He or she is communicative and returns calls quickly and loves her job. We have a wonderful relationship, and he or she has exactly the right knowledge and energy to get the book published and out to its perfect worldwide audience. It is so.”

Have fun with this! And remember, you are worthy of all the helpful people you can conjure up! We are all in this together and win-win situation abound!



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